Furuichi kofungun guide battle

Last year one of the enevnts in Fujidera, “Furuichi kofungun guide battele” was held. Elementary school students and college students took part in this event and guided foreigners. This wasn’t just a guide event, but it was kind of the battle. The foreigners judged their guide.



This started from Hajinosato station and walked around Fujidera to guide foreign judges. Before starting, they looked like not only excited but also nervous. That atmosphere around Hajinosato station was different from the usual one.



At first they went to Nabezuka kofun. This kofun looks like a pot, so it named NABEZUKA. In Japanese NABE means a pot. Exactly the shape is very nice. By the way kofun is an ancient tomb.



The elementary school team introduced kofun with a lot of knowledge. The college team not only just spoke but also used panels and ropes. They intorodused kofun visually. The elementary school team was so surprised at that. The college team took a lead.




And then, they went to some guide points. Of course they told about history and characters of temples or shrines, and they also told about how to worship.



In the middle of the battle, they took pictures together on the top of Komuroyama kofun.



After that they went to the last guide point, Domyoji tenmangu shrine. Both teams made the last appeal. Finally the guide finished and they just had to wait for the result announcement.



By the result announcement, they enjoyed eating and talking together. It was a very rare chance for them to communicate each other, because their age, sex, nationality are not same.


The break time passed so first. It was the time for the result announcement!!



Judges put the vote, the battle was the close game.



The winner was………




Elementary school team!!!!!!


The result was 5-4. All of them did their best. Finally the guide battle finished.


To join this event both teams prepared a lot. Maybe they learned many things about Fujidera. Furthermore they considered how to guide foreigners. Through this event, all participants learned something.
Of course I learned lots of things by walking with them too. More knowledge made us excited during walking around Fujidera.